An LED lamp is a light-emitting diode (LED) product that is assembled into a lamp (or light bulb) for use in lighting fixtures. LED lamps have a lifespan higher than 10 times and electrical efficiency several times better than incandescent lamps, and significantly better than most fluorescent lamps, with some chips able to emit more than 100 lumens per watt. The LED lamp market is projected to grow more than 12-fold over the next decade, from $2 billion in the beginning of 2014 to $25 billion in 2023, which is a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25%.[1]

LED's have dramatically improved in the past several years due to extensive R&D and investments in the field. Due to the huge demand for LED lights, producers have become increasingly efficient, significantly bringing the costs down. As a result we now have a LED product, which pays off in just a matter of 1-2 years in energy savings and is expected to last longer than 8 years.

As you can imagine not all LEDs are equal. Often times it has been proven that the cheapest and not well manufactured LED products, with low quality components, not only malfunction very often, but also don't conform to even basic requirements. Many of them will cause electromagnetic interference with your other electronic equipment. Others will consume significantly more electricity than claimed on the label and/or produce less light. Not ours.

The market has been flooded with poorly designed and badly manufactured LED products these days. Here comes our core strength in providing you with a piece of mind. You can be certain you are presenting the customers with a high quality LED product, which meets all requirements, yet it is baldly competitive in price. All distributors are entitled to receive our test reports for the current LED products in stock, performed in an independent and internationally recognized and certified by all major organizations lab.


Our LED products contain no toxic filaments. They are completely recyclable. By saving on your electric bills, using our LED lights, you help saving the environment by decreasing the CO2 emissions.

All LED products are in stock in Europe and ready to ship the same day you make your payment. No customs, taxes, fees. All you pay is the price of the goods with free shipping for orders above 4000 Euro. We deliver to your business in a matter of just a few days. Try it now so you can increase your competitiveness and your profits in this booming market for LED lights, completely headache free. 3 years complete quality guarantee on all products. Please inquire quantity and we will provide you with the best price and discount. LED lights are the imminent future.

Quality certified products

We are pleased to offer to all distributors throughout Europe our exciting and quality certified LED products not only having all required certificates such as CE, EMC, LVD, but also independently lab tested for a wide array of technical specifications in a certified laboratory. With the great performance and reliability of our LED products we are confident, we are providing you with an excellent LED product and unbeatable price/quality ratio.

Industrial solutions and public projects

Siggna Ltd. is now presenting professionals with complete solutions for projects ranging from factories and warehouses lighting, sport facilities, public projects such as subway and train stations, streets, parking lots, airports, bridges and all kinds of public areas. LED lighting has evolved to the extent of giving you the opportunity to see true colors at night while at the same time conserving as much as 90% of electricity consumption.

5 years guarantee

Whether you represent a company involved in public works, a real estate development company, a construction subcontractor, or you are a business owner of a factory, store, outlet or a sports facility , we have the right solution for you. Utilizing industry leading components from companies such as Phillips, Bridgelux, Cree, and MeanWell we can present you with a beautifully designed product of highest quality, meeting and exceeding your expectations and our top standard five years complete warranty.

LEDs save cities up to 90% of electricity costs for lighting

We will support you throughout the entire process of designing your lighting or making a project for replacing the old one. Just send us your parameters and architectural drawings and we will give you the complete solution and a best price offer. We are also capable of completing the lighting part of any project as a subcontractor. Let us be of your service hassle free on your behalf.

Special lights for indoors and outdoors use with Phillips chip sets

Needless to mention not all LEDs are created equal. Most of the really cheap products don't meet even basic criteria and standards, yet because they are not independently tested they reach your market. Don't be confused in the jungle of fake promises and ask the professionals which can deliver. We can provide you ,besides all certificates, with test results from an independent and internationally recognized laboratory for all products we offer.

Bridge with LED

Especially important for large projects, public and private alike, is the ability to control your lighting and adjust it according to time, season, as well as use the dimming option at certain non critical hours, thus conserving additionally up to 40% of your expenditures on lighting. In this way combining the high luminosity low consumption characteristics of LEDs with a lighting management system you achieve an unbeatable combination: beautiful bright lights at night at a drastically reduced cost. In fact it is so economical it pays off the initial investment in just 2-3 years!

White light for true colors at night

We can do that for you too! We offer a complete light management solution for you, whether it is in regard to managing the lights in a supermarkets parking lot or a gas station, or entire streets and cities. It comprises of GPRS connection to each light , a server, and a control station with software. Enquire and we will give you all details.

LEDs are the modern lighting solution, whether in new construction or replacement of old

How about wires? We have the complete bundle for you at unbeatable prices. Just ask!

Enquire! Even if you think you are an expert in the field you can always be surprised by the fast and professional response and the unbeatable offer we will present to you. From the drawing board to the wires, and the management system, your complete solution is here!

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